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All our dogs had several health tests before breeding

The Cardigan

Origin and where the Cardigan

was used for

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi  comes original from Wales and thanks his name to a place that is called Cardiganshire, in the United Kingdom. It is a very old breed. The Cardigan was originally used for herding cows and horses. The Cardigan is  quite a small dog, that’s why they could easy avoid being kicked by a cow or a horse. They just had to lay down quickly, this way the cow or horse would kick above the dog. Now you see the Cardigan in all kinds of sports, like obedience, agility and fly ball. It is a very small,but tough dog, that can do everything.  

The character of the Cardigan

The Cardigan is a Shepherd and should not be underestimated because it is so low to the ground. They are loyal, watchful and attached to the family where they live; they therefore prefer, to stay close to their family. The Cardigan is very versatile in terms of dog sports such as obedience, agility, fly ball and tracking but they also like long walks. They need to be challenged and need exercise on a regular bases. The Cardigan is very hard for himself, I mean that if the Cardigan has pain or something he will not show it quickly to you quickly. They are funny big dogs on short legs, that can act like clowns. I cannot explain the clown thing, but they really have a sense of humor.  

Breeding from the heart with love

We want to breed healthy, happy,

beautiful dogs with a Cardigan

personality. Before breeding we do the

following health tests with our dogs: HD

(hips), RCD-3, PRA and ECVO (eyes) and

DM (Degeneratieve Myelopathy). For the

happy and beautiful dogs we take our

time for looking for the best matching

partner for our girls. For the correct

partner we even make trips over the

borders. We are member of the Dutch

breeding club NWCC and our Kennel is

official FCI registered.